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Don't neglect your health because you're busy with your profession. There is no progress in the rush, and there are no friends in the busy. Don't be proud that you will never have time for anything.

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  • Don’t Neglect Your Health Because You’re Busy with Your Profession
    In Personal Life
    There is no progress in the rush, and there are no friends in the busy. Don’t be proud that you will never have time for anything. Is there always such a hurry that you never have time for anything? Hurry is no cause for pride. Many live their lives in the race of the ultimate goal they’ve set for their professional life. It may be a […]
  • Tips For Balancing Work And Home
    In Personal Life
    The majority of adults hope that work, study, family life, and hobbies are in appropriate proportions. However, the desired balance remains a dream when more time and resources are spent on work than it really should be. The mismatch is often due to work creeping home. Most people realize how difficult it can be to adjust their work and home lives […]
  • Snow Days Always Get Me Down
    In Personal Finance
    In case you haven’t heard, there’s this new weather phenomenon affecting most of North America called the Polar Vortex. I had never heard of this term before, about three days ago, and if you are lucky enough not to have experienced this, count your lucky stars! A polar vortex means that all that damn cold air only exists in places that no one on earth […]
  • Get Healthy and Fit on a Budget
    In Fitness
    If you are like me, you have the resolution to get healthier in 2021. If you are like me, you don’t have much of a budget to achieve that goal. I have been working on my health and fitness for a couple of years now, but seriously for the last year. I started running in May of last year and want to continue that in 2021. I have enjoyed running but still […]
  • Fit and Healthy
    In Fitness
    I think there is something about taking control of your finances that inspires you to control other parts of your life. I have seen numerous blogs like mine that began as a personal finance site and turned into one about being fit and healthy. And apparently, I am no different. I started my journey towards debt freedom over three years ago. Mine has […]
  • Scammers Trying to Get Your Personal Information
    In Security
    I was texting with a few friends, and if I had not been alert enough to the following message that came in, I might have fallen victim to scams. When’s you’re birthday? Had I not been paying close attention, I may just have answered it. However, I didn’t recognize the number, so I questioned who it was. The person went on to be vague […]
  • The Envelope System to Save your Money
    In Personal Finance
    I’ve read about the envelope system in several books and websites but was always skeptical of doing it.  I came up with a dozen different reasons why it wouldn’t work.  I didn’t particularly enjoy having that much cash on me.  I didn’t know how to get the money into the envelopes for a whole month at a time.  I figured I would end […]
  • Don’t think of Credit as Free Money
    In Personal Finance
    I am not a financial adviser, I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what not to do. From the first day that I got my first credit card, I thought of it as free money. I knew that I had to pay it back, but with a $10 minimum payment, I knew that I’d have plenty of time to worry about it. When I was issued a new credit card, it felt […]